Pso2 bouncer dual blade build

Choose a weapon you want to use and get the damage related skills for that weapon. Shift Air Strike is a free damage boost when you attack in the air while you have Shifta. Other than those and the stances, the rest of the skills are utility.

I highly recommend avoiding Craft Mastery though. This skill used to be okay, but newer units have better uncrafted hidden stats than the bonuses. Break Stance shines in bosses with a lot of breakables like Magatsu. Combined with Niren Kamui potential boosts damage to breakable partsand you have a dual blade Bouncer than can do massive damage….

You do have enough points to max out both stances in the end though so that you can switch based on your situation. After choosing your damage related Hunter skills, get either Automate Halfline or Iron Will to help with your survivability.

The biggest downside is that Fury Stance does not boost Tech damage, so you can only rely on your PAs. Unlike Fury Stance it works with Techs so you can expect your Techs to do more damage if you do T-Atk based jet boots. The best thing is that you can now use the Tech Arts related skills. The increased gear generation from this subclass is very significant, letting you only have to do one or two attacks to get a full gear bar.

The damage numbers are not as high but are made up for by the constant uses of Vinto Gigue. Gunner is a niche subclass for dual blades. You probably want to do this more on bosses that are stationary or in an organized MPA.

After building a chain, finish it with a few Heavenly Kites followed by crafted Kestrel Rampage. I think if you want to chain, being a Gunner main is better.

pso2 bouncer dual blade build

What I Use I like using Hunter for the defensive utility and easy damage increases. In the Bouncer tree, I get Switch Strike. I also try to spread my points between Elemental Stance and Break Stance. If you want to use only one weapon or one stance, put the extra points into the stat up or critical abilities.

Break Stance — Increases damage to breakable parts. Critical Field — Create a temporary circle around you that increases critical rate of players inside. Dual Blade Gear — Increase gear gauge by hitting enemies. More gear gives more blades. Elemental Stance — Increases damage when hitting enemies matching elemental weakness.

Jet Boots Gear — Increase gear gauge by charging Techs or hitting enemies. One More Jump — Hitting an enemy with explosion from jet boots double jump refreshes your double jump.

pso2 bouncer dual blade build

Requires gear. Photon Blade Fever — Increases gear gain rate. Rapid Boost — Increases attack speed and charge speed of Techs while using jet boots momentarily — Can also increase damage with secondary skill.

pso2 bouncer dual blade build

Dual Blade Escape — Gives invincibility frames to dual blade shift action. Jet Boots Escape — Gives invincibility frames to jet boots shift action. Share this: Twitter Facebook.

Like this: Like Loading By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.There are mainly two ways to play Bouncer. One way is to focus on just having one weapon type.

For the other way, you use both weapons. Some people like using Photon Blade Fever with dual blade and then switching to using Rapid Boost with jet boots after Fever runs out. You can alternate so that you have one of them on almost all the time. Look at what enemies you are facing and cast a Tech to change your element. Bossing: You have a lot of mobility so make use of it.

Use a charged Strike Gust or jet boot double jumps to climb up to a safe elevation on the boss. If you want to play safer, you can do Moment Gale. Time the shift action from your PA to dodge attacks. Vinto Tricks: There are some tricks you can do with Vinto.

Your gear gauge should fill up really fast and you can switch back to your main boots for Vinto. Mobbing: Mobbing is really simple. Just fly around using Dispersion Strike and throw out your shift action photon blades when the gear fills up. Put in a Zondeel to group up mobs if you want.

Bossing: Bossing is really simple too. Turn on Photon Blade Fever and then lock onto a part. Use up all your gear with crafted Kestrel Rampage and then build up gear again. You can keep alternating between these combos until the boss is dead. Put a low cost Tech on your subpalette and turn on Photon Blade Fever. Get close, then jump up and hold down the Tech button while mashing the shift action.

If you do this right, your character should be throwing out blades like crazy. Your photon blades cancels the Tech cast and the Tech cast cancels the photon blade throwing. This can help you build chain up really fast. I might have missed a Vinto or two XP.

Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.Hunter Hu is the universal melee subclass. Lots of damage boosts with the Fury and JA skills. There have also been various changes in quest design that make swapping to Jet Boots for wider area of effect or changing to Break Stance useful.

At the same time, Limit Break is very risky for little reward. Tech Cancel can build Chain and stunlock a boss at the same time, to set up a damage spike. Check under Jet Boots Part 2. Dex Mag is not really necessary. SATK is more widely applicable. Sorry if this is question is madness; new-ish player here learning the ropes. Only works with shooting attacks.

Title bonus as in the 4 x 2. I think the points for JA bonus should be spent somewhere else. Where the extra points go is up to you. That would bring another 1.

This guide will go from most mainstream to least. Hunter Hunter Hu is the universal melee subclass. Activate Fury Stance for an always-on damage bonus 1.

Keeping these old videos here for posterity though:. Etakon Skye May 23, at pm. Selphea May 24, at am. Etakon Skye May 24, at am. Selphea May 24, at pm. Etakon Skye May 25, at pm. Emma June 24, at pm. Or is there perhaps a better subclass for using Fighter main with Double Saber?So you want to be Kirito!

Or Archer! This first part covers the Bouncer skill tree. Part 2 covers skill builds, including main and subclass choices.

Because you are the photon of your art. And you have farmed over a thousand Excubes …or something. Also, some actual strengths and weaknesses:. To avoid crafting a rainbow set, run a Jet Boots build. Highly Recommended. Doubles Photon Blade Gear generation. When you press Shift, your Photon Blades will fully refill the Gear gauge so you can press Shift again.

Photon Blade Escape. Pressing Shift and a direction key will grant invincible frames — pass through attacks while dodging!

All five ranks will pay off. Rare Mastery Bouncer. Recommended 1pt only. The first point gives 30 ATK. Everything after that is pretty bad. Deband PP Restorate. Striking Up 1, Striking Up 2. Step Advance. Stepping also allows better control over distance traveled, so this can be useful depending on playstyle. Consider these if you have lots of points to spare.

This could change depending on the flavor of the month quest — Escafalz Mother does not have many breakables.

PSO2 Dual Blade Bouncer Guide Pt.1: Skills

Break Stance works on breakable parts, including parts that can break further to cause a flinch or other effect. Nice to have for mixed element quests. Megiverse and even Resta tend to overheal as it is. Still, some players take both skills to share their incoming heals with other players as a form of support.Boasting two very different types of Striking weapons, a Bouncer is capable of both instantaneous support while punishing foes and incredible burst damage, making Bouncer a valuable asset in team play.

A twin pair of medium-sized swords. Specializes in rapid attacks that deal minimal damage per individual hit, but hit repeatedly to build up high damage over time. Limited range, but certain Photon Arts can strike from midrange or even afar.

By pressing the Weapon Action Button, the player will swing their right blade, or fly in a given direction if one is held, while firing a salvo of miniature Photon Blades at targets. The number of Photon Blades fired depends on the Gear Gauge level.

When Photon Blades impact a target, the blades will inflict damage while recovering the player's PP. If any player then strikes a target that has been impaled with Photon Blades, they will gain increased PP recovery on hit.

Mechanized footwear that enables flight. Armed with a double jump, Jet Boots are one of the most mobile weapon classes. They are equipped with both powerful Striking-based Photon Arts while having high T-ATK, and, with Bouncer's innate Technique capability, are capable of alternating between casting Techniques and closing in on opponents on the fly. Jet Boots can be powered up with the Skill Jet Boots Gearwhich allows the user to change the active Element of the Jet Boots to adapt to the enemy's elemental weakness; in addition, Jet Boots Gear can be expended to power up their strongest Photon Art, Vinto Gigue.

By pressing the Weapon Action Button during Photon Arts, the player will execute an alternate second attack. The properties of this attack vary depending on the base move; some Photon Arts are capable of casting Support Techniques when their Branched Action is used. When used during a normal attack, step attack, or Mirage Step, the player will execute a 4 hit kick combo that has high PP gain. When used without a prior move, the player will perform a flip that negates any elemental changes from charged Techniques.

This flip can be chained up to three times. Starting skill. Press the Dodge key to do a fast step that has invincibility. Can be used in any direction.

The Best PSO2 Builds - Classes and Character Guides

When knocked down, press the Jump key at the moment you hit the ground to get up instantly. Default Skill.Account age rule: 24 hours.

Installation Instructions. Official Patch Sites.

PSO2 Dual Blade Bouncer Guide Pt.2: Class Combos & Builds

Can anyone suggest a good build for me? This is the build I have come up with so far, not sure if I'm missing anything important here. It's pretty good. There are no serious issues with it, but I will raise some points for you to consider:. This means that you will have hardly any invincibility time on your Step, and no invincibility time at all on your Mirage Step. You may find it very difficult to dodge attacks like this. I strongly recommend putting at least one point into Photon Blade Escape, or maxing it out if possible.

Break Stance isn't a very important stance. It only works on breakable parts, making it much more situational than Elemental Stance. That said, it does give a higher damage bonus than Elemental Stance when you can use it, so it's fine to get if you have the points to spare. Deband PP Restorate in particular is a very nice skill if you can keep yourself buffed.

It's not too important for dual blades though, since they already have excellent PP recovery with their normal hits and with the Dual Blade Gear. You don't have Automate Halfline or Iron Will. These are both incredibly useful survival skills, and are definitely worth considering. Unfortunately, you would need to sacrifice some points from the S-ATK Up skills if you wanted to get them, which would mean giving up some damage. This only gives you an extra 8 S-ATK, which is negligible.

I'll have to consider Photon Blade escape, I'm just used to dodging and blocking, so Iron Will has never really been of much use to me. War Cry on the other hand is really useful during certain EQ's, so I'll probably go with that.

Thanks for the suggestions.Gran Wave Dash forward and then unleash a flurry of kicks at the closest enemy. The shift action makes you do a series of backflips with invincibility frames while casting Deband. This PA is great for doing damage on a single target. The invincibility frames and Deband casting is convenient too.

Kick at an enemy until you finish or just press shift if the enemy attacks. Moment Gale Zip around in a cross shape. The shift action makes you create a whirlwind that sucks in surrounding enemies into a field of Zanverse.

PSO2 Braver Basics

The shift action is your strongest mobbing tool so you can skip the zipping part. Strike Gust Spin kick upward repeatedly. Charging this PA longer makes your kick last longer. The shift action makes you slam down and cast Shifta.

Crafting this skips the charge and makes you just spin while you hold down the button. Vinto Gigue Charge up and then either let loose an AoE explosion or press shift to do a kick. Vinto will use up all your gear gauge. The kick is really short range, but it is your strongest attack. The explosion has a decently high chance to inflict statuses too. Use this whenever you can while killing bosses.

Dispersion Strike Float around dispersing photon blades all around you. The area of the photon blades is really big. You can keep using this in a group of enemies until they die or as a way to regain gear quickly.

Distraction Wing Dash forward and then slash in a cross shape. The damage is pretty high, but this will always do a dash so it is a little hard to hit someone if they are right in front of your face. You can use this to close the gap between your and your target before following up with a different attack. Heavenly Kite Cut in a circle upwards. You can use this PA to gain some altitude while fighting.

The damage is good too. I like to use this on bosses when Photon Blade Fever is down. Immortal Dove Slash up and then strike down with a tiny stream of photon blades. This PA is fast and will bring you all the way down to the floor if you jumped. The amount of damage you do is higher if you have more gear. The best way to do use this is to turn on Photon Blade Fever and then alternate between throwing blades and Immortal Dove.

Kestrel Rampage Slash at the enemy repeatedly and then let loose a stream of photon blades. This PA does a lot of hits and is your highest damaging PA. Crafting this increases the damage even higher but consumes your gear. This is an old control scheme. The game now defaults you to a 3-button control scheme, which is what I would recommend because it is so much more versatile.


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